Testimony : Juwita Setiawati,Poltekkes Kemenkes Prodi Keperawatan.

Juwita Keperawatan

Learning English with LIA gives me an amazing experience. The material and teaching method are innovative and interesting so that I find it easier to learn. In addition, the teacher motivates us to learn more with his teaching method that is understandable. Learning English is no longer boring……so everything seems easy. Thank you LIA.

Testimony : Ayu Sartika Fitriana, Poltekkes Kemenkes Prodi Keperawatan Gigi.

Ayu Keperawatan Gigi

The first impression from D3 Keperawatan Gigi students : Mastering a language is one of the keys to interact with others in this modern era.  English is the language of the world. LIA helps us gaining new knowledge: we started everything from a  scratch but the teacher guided us with patience. Now we know how to use English properly. We might not use English in the near future but we believe that someday it will lead us to a better future, especially in our work path. At least, we are ready to meet TOEFL as a job requirement.  Maybe, saying thank you is not enough to pay what our dedicated teacher did for us. We surely will never forget it. Thank you LIA for making us your learning partner. Keep yourself healthy Mr. T. Thank you

Testimoni : Harrys Soetedjo, Poltekkes Kemenkes Prodi RPL Rekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan.

Harrys RPL

Viva LIA Tembalang!! Englis was a nightmare for SMP to University students, wasn’t it?  I knew nothing and the teacher was mostly aloof!! Things are absolutely different at  LIA……………the instructor……..the material and the teaching method :  TAUFIQ is communicative. He has a systematic teaching. He is patient and humorous. We need it to make learning FUN. Congrats LIA for having him as a teacher.  Mr. Taufiq & LIA… THANK YOU!